CAREFUSION.- At CareFusion, we are united in our vision to improve the safety and lower the cost of healthcare for generations to come. Our 15,000 worldwide employees are passionate about healthcare and helping those that deliver it – from the hospital pharmacy to the nursing floor, the operating room to the patient bedside.


In more than 120 countries, the CareFusion family of products are helping to improve the safety and lower the cost of healthcare for generations to come.


To make global healthcare better, we partner with our customers to help them improve medication management, lower costs in procedural areas, reduce risk of infection, advance the care of ventilated patients and turn the endless amount of data generated in healthcare into actionable information.


Actionable Intelligence

Leveraging medical device and HIT investments through connectivity and integrated analytics

Infection Prevention

Providing clinicians with a systematic approach to identify and help prevent infections.

Medication Management

Protecting infusion and oral medication dosage forms at all major points of care.

OR Effectiveness

Helping to improve profitability and advance clinical and operational effectiveness within the high-cost, high-risk procedural environment

Respiratory Care

Helping to improve patient outcomes through targeted lung protective strategies






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